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Product Overview

WorkPro is a comprehensive solution that combines ergonomic principles, dynamic software, and a streamlined process to provide an affordable, proactive approach to office health, risk, and safety management.


In a nutshell, our software suite consists of the following major components:

  Software Components
 Ergonomic Self-Evaluation with Advanced Heuristics

 Management Dashboard

 User Management that tracks every user's evaluation and case history

 Case Management with Resolution Workflow

 On-line, Real-time Reports

Our process for proactive office health and safety management is streamlined to be concise, effective, and scalable. The primary goal is to have everyone in the organization evaluated and tracked to address any potential issues before they occur. Collectively, statistics are gathered so that we can identify trends and execute corrective actions timely and accurately.

  WorkPro Process
Establish WorkPro contacts and risk guidelines (such as Risk Level Threshold)

Perform Self-Evaluation

If evaluation risk level exceeds threshold, a Case is created

Case is processed using pre-defined workflow (every step is tracked and documented)

Our Recommendation Report provides instructions on changes to work environment

Case is closed when all identified issues have been addressed

Along the way, reports capture vital statistics to expose holistic changes if needed

Process is repeated based on each organization's needs and objectives
Target Audiences

WorkPro's modular and scalable design makes it suitable for various audiences, depending on their scope and requirements.

Whether you are a large enterprise seeking a structured, integrated solution to reduce your office health and safety-related costs, or an individual who just wants an ergonomic self-evaluation that identifies issues with your work environment, WorkPro is dynamic enough to satisfy your needs.

  WorkPro Audiences
 Health, Safety, and Risk Managers seeking an affordable, structured, and integrated solution to reduce your organization's health and safety-related costs

 Human Resources Personnel who want to increase employees' productivity and reduce health-related injury and worker's compensation costs

 Ergonomists or Ergonomic Advisors hoping to increase their work capacity, and to have a robust tool that is readily available to organize and document their data

 Insurance Companies wanting to promote a proactive, preventative office health and safety culture among their clients

 Small Businesses looking to minimize risks and increase productivity without incurring too much overhead and burden

 Individuals who want to enhance their work environment to be more productive and comfortable