By now you have used the online demonstration tool and reviewed our tutorial. You have seen how the WorkPro system can positively impact your workforce and your bottom line, but you still have questions. The following is a list of our most frequently asked questions. For additional information, please click here to send us your inquiry, and we will respond within 24 hours.

  1. What is WorkPro?

    WorkPro is a comprehensive solution that combines ergonomic principles, dynamic software, and a streamlined process to provide an affordable, proactive approach to office health, risk, and safety management.

    WorkPro guarantees consistent and accurate evaluations. It provides immediate results that highlight any ergonomic issues or concerns regarding a specific employee, workstation, or task. It includes recommendations that are easy to implement and serves as a convenient method to track and measure employee ergonomic progress, creating a unique ergonomic profile for evaluation takers.

  2. How long does the evaluation take?

    The self-administered evaluation takes about 30 minutes. Because WorkPro is web-based, employees may take the evaluation anytime it’s convenient.

  3. How and when are the results delivered?

    The results are delivered immediately to one or more designated recipients. The electronic document includes recommendations and an online vendor to purchase any necessary hardware. Furthermore, those results are always available to company administrators who manage users' ergonomic profiles.

  4. Do employees who take the evaluation see their results?

    The employer decides who receives the results and may or may not include the employee.

  5. What is an "ergonomic profile?"

    An ergonomic profile is an employee’s ergonomic information updated and stored in one electronic file. The ergonomic profile is created when the WorkPro evaluation results are delivered to designated recipients. These results may be updated when action is taken to implement recommendations and again if an employee is re-tested, thus creating a history of an employee’s ergonomic progression.

  6. Can my company add or delete questions in the evaluation?

    WorkPro is customizable to suit your organization’s needs. Please contact Casandra Eastwood for more information.

  7. We have an ergonomic program in place, how will WorkPro benefit us?

    WorkPro is a self-administered workstation evaluation tool that can be used in collaboration with existing ergonomic staff or as a stand-alone resource. Refining the ergonomic evaluation process from a manual assessment by an evaluator to a web-based employee administered tool offers your organization unlimited capacity to complete, and track, ergonomic workstation evaluations. Because employees can take the evaluation on their own, your existing staff is available to implement recommendations or work with employees who are at-risk for work related injuries.

    Additionally, WorkPro’s results provide a unique ergonomic profile for each person taking the evaluation, creating a convenient way to oversee and track an employee’s ergonomic progress.

  8. How much does WorkPro cost?

    WorkPro’s competitive pricing saves you money. WorkPro is priced for value based on the number of evaluations needed. For more information about product pricing contact Casandra Eastwood, Client Services Manager.