Frequently Asked Questions

Who completes the evaluation?

Screening Report:

When used as a screening evaluation, the employee answers the questions as a self-evaluation, and the ergonomist does not need to be present.

Ergonomic Report:

When used during an in-person evaluation, the ergonomist answers the questions as a means of documenting what is found during the evaluation.

I want to increase my business, but I’m too busy to reach all my customers.  How does Align Software help me?

Ergonomists using Align spend less time writing ergonomic reports because much of the writing is automated.   Client Management saves time by keeping the ergonomist organized.  Documentation on actions taken towards resolution of ergonomic issues is held electronically in one place so there are no papers to lose.

Using Screening Evaluations helps independent ergonomists expand their business by reaching more customers.  Ergonomists provide a valuable service by providing a quick review of an automated assessment at a low fee.  Higher risk employees are identified for referral or in-person visit.

In-house Ergonomists, Risk Managers, and Safety Officers reach more employees efficiently and cost effectively.  Proactively identifying risks saves time and money by focusing resources on higher-risk employees that are otherwise unidentified.

If I purchase more reports than I need immediately so I can get a volume discount, can I use the evaluation reports later?

Yes.  A smart way to save money is to order at a volume instead of ordering one evaluation/report at a time.  Reports ordered do not have an expiration date.

How do I order an evaluation report?

It's simple!  Set up an account for yourself through the Align website.  Add a personal touch by including your logo.  After you have opened your account, you can customize with sub-accounts for ergonomists, companies, or departments.

Payment is pay-as-you-go, there is no annual fee.  To receive volume discounts, ergonomists can order by quantity and use reports for clients at a later date.  If you use both the Screening (Self-Evaluation) and Ergonomist (In-Person) reports, a $10 per pair discount is offered.  For your convenience we accept Visa, Master Card, or American Express.  Purchase Orders can also be issued.  Should you be interested in using a Purchase Order, please contact Align Ergonomics at to make arrangements.

Can more than one ergonomist use the same account?

Yes.  Multiple ergonomists can be added to the account through the Account Management tab.

Each ergonomist will issue her own clients' evaluations.  Each ergonomist can read the reports of other ergonomists.  However, there is a safety measure in place to ensure that the only person who can change a report is the ergonomist assigned to the report.

How fast do I get back my reports?

A report is emailed to you within minutes upon self-evaluation completion or ergonomic evaluation and summary completion.  Reports arrive as a .pdf attachment to the email.  You can access your reports at a later date by accessing through the Client/Evaluations dashboard.

How long does it take to complete the evaluation?

Once an ergonomist has used the evaluation several times, it usually takes about 5 minutes.  With the Executive Ergonomic Report additional time may be spent depending on which options are chosen (adding an executive summary, uploading a photo, recommending equipment, recording measurements).  Generally, ergonomists work with their clients and intersperse taking notes in the software while conducting the evaluation.

The first time the ergonomist or a customer conducting a self-evaluation answers the questions, it will take about 15 minutes. The evaluation consists of 40-50 questions.

Does the evaluation have to be completed on a computer, or can it be completed on a tablet?

We have noticed that many ergonomists find it highly convenient to use the software on a tablet during an evaluation.  Align works on many platforms including Windows, Mac, Apple iOS, and Android.

Do the evaluation and reporting cover only workstation ergonomics or do they also address industrial ergonomics?

Align is currently only for workstation ergonomics.

The evaluation addresses the following areas:

  • Discomfort
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Legs/Feet
  • Chair
  • Monitor
  • Lighting
  • Document Holders
  • Telephone
  • Work Zones/Habits
  • Body Postures

Do I have to use the evaluation to get the report?

Yes.  The evaluation provides the data required to generate a high quality report.

Ergonomists use the software to take their notes instead of writing on paper.

Can I modify the report?

The Executive Ergonomic Report has optional sections for quick customization.  Customizable sections include a logo, summary, photo, equipment recommendations, and measurements.

Use the Print Preview button to review the report before final submission.  Once the evaluation and ergonomic sections are complete and submitted, the report is sent in a .pdf format and cannot be changed.

If you are looking for a greater level of customization please contact us at

Does Align endorse or recommend ergonomic products?

Align does not endorse any products to maintain the independent integrity of the software and so that the ergonomist can make their own recommendations.

I want to send the self-evaluation to my customers so I can use it for screening and prioritization purposes.  What do I have to do to make the technology work?

You have two options:

  1. Before you order your first evaluation, contact the company’s Information Technology (IT) Department and arrange for the emails to pass through their system so they are not caught in the spam filter.  If you need the technology department to speak with us, please email or phone (714) 683-2720.
  2. Have the evaluation sent to you, and then forward it to your customer.  Again, make sure your emails are able to get through to your customer.

How long does Align keep the evaluation data in case I need to re-access the information?

The information is kept for a minimum of 7 years and then archived.

Do you sell or provide my customer’s information, including contact information, to anyone?

No.  The contact information for your customer is collected only so that it can be put into the report.  We do not provide information to marketing or data mining firms.